Communicating Stories with Great Design

Hey I’m Jeremy Mura, an illustrator and designer that helps brands communicate effectively. I’m passionate about seeing others grow and become greater designers.

After graduating from Qantm College in Sydney, I worked in the industry for a few years and soon after launched my personal brand which helps startups and emerging brands grow.

The past 4 years I’ve worked with small businesses, creative agencies and even ambitious friends who startup their dream. Digital Illustrations and Logo Design are my main focus bringing projects to life with visual design.

I’m dedicated to working with people and projects that people care about in my home studio. Every day I combine all my energy and knowledge to create custom graphic and illustrations that communicate, engage and inspire our community.




Designing with purpose

I’ve spent years studying design and want to apply that knowledge to help others improve their game.

I’m always constantly learning to build the best experiences for people and believe that every project can fulfill its purpose.

Helping brands achieve their goals and teaching other designers to become greater is my top priority.




I’ve Shot over 50 Videos About Graphic Design & Illustration

Through my youtube channel I’ve shared heaps of quality information about design & illustration. Helping young designers become greater and sharing what I know has been a fulfilling experience.

In the past year blog posts and videos have been produced every week to share about design related topics and 100’s of creatives have subscribed. I’m humbled to have people take interest in the things I love and expand their vision.




Jeremy is the pinnacle of positivity and forward thinking.

Zan Savic

Web Developer & Motion Designer, zsavicreative

Before I had a business website or anything I started working with Jeremy. He helped me develop a concept and identify the heart of my business. He took the extra time to journey with me, delving into the core messaging of Valentine’s Pierre. I’m satisfied with his great work, he carries excellent design abilities, & very much knows what he is doing.

Daniel Paul

Founder, Valentines Pierre

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Sydney, Australia

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