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How to Make Illustrations Look Organic

There a 3 efficient ways I use of texturing your work in illustrator. Texture should always be used in your illustrations depending on the project, it adds a level of depth to your work. If you're not aiming for a flat design then invest time into one of these styles...

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2016 Year in Review

This year has been exciting, I'm happy to be reviewing my goals and I’ve been truly blessed with creative opportunities this year. One major highlight was that I chose to go full-time freelance in July and it has been the greatest decision to pursue this path. After...

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How to Design a Logo System

When designing a logo for any client, design it as a brand system. It should have many uses and not only for one use. Don't just send the client 1 version of the logo on a white background, show them the capabilities. Push the logo so it has the ability to be used on...

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The day I went Full-Time Freelance

7 years is a long time, I've worked in that place since I was 15. I was eager to spread my wings and fly out of there. I knew it was a temporary job. I knew there were a plan and purpose waiting for me. The fear of the unknown is a scary thought. Not knowing what's on...

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