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The day I went Full-Time Freelance

7 years is a long time, I've worked in that place since I was 15. I was eager to spread my wings and fly out of there. I knew it was a temporary job. I knew there were a plan and purpose waiting for me. The fear of the unknown is a scary thought. Not knowing what's on...

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Finding Fulfilment

Seeing joy in someone will always bring a smile to your face. Experiencing a great life directly comes from helping others. "Fulfillment comes from serving others"   Giving value to someone will always transform their lives as well as making you into a greater...

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How to make progress as a designer

Progress starts with a desire to develop yourself. You need to become a greater version of yourself every day. Laziness and complaining won’t help you make progress, it wastes energy and time. Once you start it becomes easier and you gain confidence and move forward....

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How to make 2k while in college

It’s possible to gain extra income whilst you study. You don't need to be super talented, you just have to put in the effort. Balancing your life whilst studying full-time is hard. You have to push yourself to get ahead. During my last year of college, I wanted to...

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Designed to be Creative

Creative people aren't some weird species. They are just like everybody else. You have a gift, to be a creator. To think, to bring new things into existence. This trait comes from god. Humans are created in his image, thus making us creators. People need to open their...

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