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A curated list of tools I regularly use to design awesome work and gain knowledge. Everyone has different tools in their toolbox whether they’re free or not, these have been useful and I believe they will help you too. I only recommend products that I’ve actually used. I’ll update this page when I find more useful tools or resources for you.


Creative Cloud

Illustrator is the primary program that I use to create vector designs. I also use Photoshop when necessary.

I recommend investing into creative cloud, students get a discount and it has everything you need.

Word Press

WordPress with the divi theme is great when you want to have flexibility for your own website or portfolio. There are other cheaper options such as SquarespaceWix and Imxprs, they are easy to use if you’re a beginner.


Backing up your work is important so you don’t lose important files especially if it’s for a client. Dropbox is great and they give you 2gb free data to use, it’s great for creating links to downloads and it connects to all your devices.


This is great for building lists of ideas on the go and it connects with your computer as well. Wunderlist is a free app and use it to keep track on projects or tasks that I want to complete.


Email lists are effective when communicating directly to your audience. Mailchimp is another email provider that is free and easy to use when first starting out.


It’s a great communication tool especially when working in teams or on projects. Trello is also good at managing projects and keeping track of your progress.


Moleskine Journal

I love using the Moleskine books, the paper has a nice texture to it and it’s plain, great for doing heaps of sketches. There inexpensive and they usually come in a pack of 3.

Staedtlar Mechanical Pencil

Normal pencils are fine but working with these are great. The staedtlar lasts longer than your average lead and you can sharpen to get a nice pointy tip. The grip also makes it comfortable to sketch with

Copic Multi Liner

These are great for inking my design after I’ve gone ahead and sketched out some concepts. The precision of the tips are great for d

Asus PB278Q 27' IPS

Amazing monitor for doing design work it’s an IPS panel which gives it a wide colour gamut and improves sharpness with its 2k high resolution. Anyone on PC should consider this monitor.

Rode USB Mic

This handy mic is used for video calls, recordings and videos. It’s a high quality USB mic so you don’t have to buy amplifiers to power it you can just plug it in and you’re ready to go.

Custom Built PC

I do all of my design work on a PC and with a cmstorm keyboard and mionix 7000 mouse. If I’m travelling I usually jump on my macbook pro 15inch and also have a wacom intous 4 for certain projects.



One of the best platforms to learn about design and heaps of other topics. Their courses are longer form but have great quality content to learn everything about design.


There are plenty of good channels that teach you about graphic design and technical skills. My channel provides you with beginner tutorials on how to use Adobe illustrator and become a better designer.


If you’re just starting out as a designer Skillshare has got short compact classes to learn design skills. The classes are short and sweet making it a fun learning experience. Lynda and Creativelive are also amazing platforms to gain knowledge.


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