This year has been exciting, I’m happy to be reviewing my goals and I’ve been truly blessed with creative opportunities this year. One major highlight was that I chose to go full-time freelance in July and it has been the greatest decision to pursue this path.

After taking the leap to full time in July I chose to focus on vector illustration and logo design which has honestly been fulfilling. Choosing to niche down has allowed me to focus on my craft and grow myself in specific areas.

I launched my first classes and products this year which is crazy!. I chose to use skillshare and creative market and it has been a great return on investment. Freelance clients has become regular and I obtained new contracts with a few agency’s.


My Favorite Projects From 2016

Working on projects this year has been great, I got to help a friend out with a cool logo system for their youth club at church which was super fun. Working on a letter series was challenging to work on different styles and experiment with the alphabet. Personal projects are an effective way to learn and row and I kept challenging myself to do this as much as possible.

Check out the work here.



2016 Revenue Streams


This was my first year freelancing since July so about 6 months! I doubled my earnings in client work, gained digital product and online class sales. My youtube channel has also been successful hitting 325 subscribers and 18,000 views which is a great achievement.

I mainly focused on building more revenue streams instead of just sticking with freelance clients. I did have small freelance clients every few months keep me busy. I formed new relationships and got 2 new contracts with agencies doing illustration work and creating design tutorials online which is great.

When I’m not pumping out client work, I focused on creating products and online classes. I created design resources and sold them on Creative Market. They’ve done way better than expected, and has been worth the investment. I’ll definitely be working on more products to expand my shop in 2017!.



Digital Products

Online Classes

Takeaways from 2016


Take Action: Most people get held up by over analysing everything, just pursue your goals and take action. Go out there, create products, build a portfolio, make a video just show up and start creating. If I never stepped out I would never have gotten opportunities or be making money doing what I love.

Consistency: This is hard for many people, it can be tiring and time consuming but it’s crucial. Develop habits that allow you keep producing work out there, I tried to post on instagram every second day which helped me build my brand following.

Niche Down: Focus on one thing whether it’s logo design, illustration, identity, Ui pick one thing and stick to it. Doing to many things at once is actually bad it makes you feel overwhelmed and you will confuse your audience.

Be Honest with yourself:  I learned to not undersell myself and chose to only projects that would benefit my brand and have a bigger ROI. You need to have a deeper why and want to help others succeed or else you will give up and make bad decisions for your freelance business.

Passive Income Streams: Making products and classes has helped me transition to full-time freelancing which I never thought I’d be doing. Building revenue streams is wise because it allows you to no worry about money coming in and be able to focus on building your brand.

Goals for 2017

  • Produce more video content
  • Grow my products in my store
  • Create more classes
  • Read more books
  • Hustle

If you’ve read this far, I appreciate you. Thanks for being awesome and taking the time to follow me on this design journey. I hope this inspired and encouraged you to do greater things in 2017

2016 was awesome and was one of the best years of learning for me. If you’ve got any questions , or suggestions for things you want to see in the future just drop me a line [email protected].

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