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Brand + Web Design

If you are a startup I can help you design an amazing bold brand that gets attention and
build a connection with your customers.

Podcasts and shows

I love jumping on a pod or virtual conference to chat real facts and details. Having 10 years in the design field I give practical advice to help upcoming entrepreneurs and designers.

Collaborations & Sponsors

Are you a brand or creator that wants to collaborate then send me an email to get started.

Talks and Keynotes

I deliver engaging keynotes and talks between 30 minutes to an hour long. My main topics I love talking about: Branding, Visual Identity Design, Content Creation, Passive Income and How to Build a 100k Audience.


Bachelor of Graphic Design
Logo Lounge Book 12
Skillshare Top Teacher
Creative Market 5-star Seller

Podcasts and conferences

Mindset Reboot
Side Hustler's Perspective
Front Row Design Conference
Design Hill Podcast
Strategize This Podcast
JUST Branding Podcast
The Bless Show Podcast
No Formula Podcast
Fowler Hour Podcast

My 7 pillars

01- Give more than you recieve
02- Open and honest comunication
03- Be your authentic raw self
04- Judge less and love more
05- Always challenge yourself
06- Life is a journey enjoy the process
07- Positivity and joy is powerful

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My Journey

Graduated highschool at 17

This was the start of my journey as a creative designer. The first design program I touched was Adobe Photoshop, I instantly fell in love with design.


Started freelancing and studying design

Got my bachelor of graphic design from SAE institute / Qantm College, I also started working for friends, family and freelance work sites.


Graduated BA of Graphic Design

Got my bachelor of graphic design from SAE institute / Qantm College at the end of 2015.


Launched my personal brand, Youtube channel, video courses and products

This is when I finished University in Sydney, Australia and launched out into the real world as freelance designer and content creator.


Became a husband

Got married to my beautiful wife Michelle and we've been enjoying a blissful marriage.


Took the leap of faith and went
full-time on my business

Quit my part-time role and an agency after being there for 1 year and 9 months. Went 100% all out on the business.


Became a father

This was a new beginning of being a new dad to a
baby daugther - Elora.


Full-Time brand designer, business owner, content creator, educator and speaker

I'm continuing to grow my busines on all levels and my goal is to help
1 million designers become the best they can be.