Hey, freelancer,
want to make 5-10k
a month as a brand

The Mura Academy will help you go from a just
pixel pusher to a full-time brand designer who runs an actual profitable business.


Launch your freelance design business and make impact

The fact is I started like every other designer, went to University to study design then worked for an agency. But neither University nor working with an Agency showed me what I needed to make the impact I wanted. I’m passionate about design, strategy and branding. I understand your passion to put ideas out into this, sometimes, bland world.

Don’t get me wrong, I made great connections, but I realized very quickly that not everyone starts into this industry like that. And this is why we are here, now. Talking to you daily over Social Media has made me realize — and thank you for that — that my impact lies in teaching you everything I’ve learned in these 8 years of working with small and big brands.You helped me. Now, it’s time for me to help you too.

In the MA, no one will laugh at you. Everyone’s like minded, seeking connections. People is at the center of what we do as brand identity designers — and so is the Mura Academy.


Connect with like-minded graphic designers


Understand the step-by-step of managing projects


A safe space to ask any question you want


Everything you need to know building your freelance business

No BS, learn how to 2x
your monthly income

Over the last 8 years I've made the mistakes for you so I know what works and what doesn't. I'll show you the behind the scenes of how I run my business and how I diversified my income up to 10 income streams.

I made $16k from multiple income streams in one month – No BS I share with you honest facts based on my experience and how you can actually generate the same kind of income. Just remember it will require work there is no short cuts!

Learn my exact process
of building brands

Being a beginner you can get lost in the world of design process, systems and frameworks. I’ve tried and tested many of them and I’ve developed processes that have helped my business thrive.I show you how to attract clients and develop a solid process  that gets you results every time.


Polish your design skills with monthly challenges


Get my frameworks and processes for working with clients


Learn how to build systems to make projects run smoothly


Get my exact templates I use to create beautiful designs

Instead of being just a pixel pusher,
learn how to think more strategically

It's easy to get caught up with how things look when designing, don’t get me wrong it’s part of the game but to run a business you need to learn to solve your problems.

Business is business, whether you are a creative your not! What you need to develop is your thinking towards building a profitable business, and helping clients make profit.


Learn how to craft perfect pixels objectively


Find out how to build your communication skills with clients


Practice real methods of challenging your ideas


Go beyond design and being able to think deeper

What are other designers saying?

First and foremost, I would like to say thank you to Jeremy for giving me so much learnings from his Mura Academy. With being said I applied all my learning in my design business and yeah It`s working, I actually got 1 real client on board last month I used the systems that Jeremy taught us. I`m so grateful for Jeremy`s dedication and love for design.

I would recommend this to all aspiring graphic designers or even you are long time in the industry you might think join the academy its so worth it. You will get bunch of resources, templates and new knowledge from Jeremy.


Jeremy takes the proces of learning Graphic design and freelancing to another level by sharing his experience in a simple yet passionate way.

After implementing Jeremy's advice I’ve got a solid system in place that doubled my instagram following and engagement.

Hendrik Zuidersma-Ros

Mura Academy has various resources which helps in terms of improving skills and workflow too. Be it tutorials, templates or links to web resources that help with the workflow.

The design challenges, video call meetings and the ability to ask for feedback from experts in our industry is the highlight. I've improved faster and the added access to the connections also helped collaborate on future projects.

Harsh Makwana

What's included?

All Access To My Design Courses ($997+ Value)

My best-selling signature courses logo design, personal branding, freelancing, youtube + more. Get instant access to all the content, class projects, and step by step videos.

Private 24/7 Community Chat

Get coaching and get your questions answered by Jeremy directly in these weekly exclusive Group Coaching Calls only available to High-Tier Members. Bring your questions and we will talk strategies on how to overcome your challenges.

Weekly Group Q&A Calls

Get a chance to talk to Jeremy and ask any burning question you have. This is a safe space to gety any question answered and even get contrusctive feedback from peers.

Suprise Expert Calls

Get a chance to listen to experts every few months and learn their tactics on how they run their business and work with their design process.

Monthly Design Challenges

Grow your portfolio and design skills with cool design challenges every month. Get an opportunity to get featured on my social media.

Member Only Discounts

Speed up your workflow, design process and project management with exclusive member discounts. Get a discount on my templates packs for illustrator and photoshop.

Exclusive Downloads & Resources

You'll get downloadable material to help put into practice in your design freelance business. Templates and recordings are included.

Content Library (Recordings)

Get access to all previous video calls and resources from the membership that will keep you learning for hours. This includes any future resources as long as you are subscribed.

Whos is this for?

You're a good fit if...

You're a junior graphic designer who wants to become a full-time brand designer.

You're serious freelancer, beginner, graphic designer or student.

You're open to learning new practical strategies, ideas and beliefs.

You're ready to invest time, money, effort, and resources in yourself and your business.

You’re sick of low-budget clients and are ready to put in the work!

Whos is this NOT for?

You blame circumstances and find excuses for why you can’t do something.

You are not willing to make changes in
your life and put in the work.

You are looking for a magic pill or a silver bullet. Please do not join.

You are looking for a quick fix or some hack.

You have a bad attitude and think you already know everything.

Real Student Results

Being part of Mura Academy has not only taught but shown me practical ways in which I can improve my branding design process and interactions with clients. Jeremy is a great teacher and always gave us 100% of his attention especially when answering questions.

Having the chance to go through the process with Jeremy and a challenge brief was great practise, and gave me opportunity to create my first stylescape and get that valuable feedback and guidance along the way.

I believe Mura Academy is great for setting anyone up for success.


Jeremy is a very friendly and inviting person who makes you want to learn more. He’s great and expanding on difficult topics and explaining things in an easy and digestible way. He also helps you work upwards by helping you understand the fundamentals of design and then building on your skills to become more advanced.


Try it with ZERO RISK.

I believe strongly in the quality of Mura Academy Membership.
This material will change your life and I'm sure you won't have
to ever refund because of how good this is!

We confidently back your purchase with a
30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

I want you to explore the fullness of the membership.
If you’re not satisfied after going through all the content,
just contact me within 30 days of purchase, and we’ll refund your investment.

Pick the right plan for you

Full Access

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All Signature Design Courses
Private 24/7 Community Chat
Weekly Live Group Q&A
Monthly Brand Design Challenges
Exclusive Downloads & Templates
Member Only Discounts
Access to The Chest (All Recordings)
Suprise Calls with Experts
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All Signature Design Courses
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Private 24/7 Community Chat
Weekly Live Group Calls & Q&A
Monthly Brand Design Challenges
Exclusive Downloads & Templates
Member Only Discounts
Access to The Chest (Recordings)
Suprise Calls with Experts

$37per month

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About Jeremy

Jeremy Mura is a brand identity designer and content creator from Sydney, Australia.He has been in the design industry for 8 years now working for small to big brands worldwide.

He has worked for brand names such as Macquarie Business School, American Express, Telstra and Macquarie Business School. He is known for his transparent, helpful and positive personality as well as creating practical tutorials for young designers.

He has over 2M+ Views on Youtube with over 300 videos uploaded, has taught over 45k+ Students on Skillshare and has a following of 86k+ on Instagram.Jeremy has been featured on LogoLounge Book 12, Front Row Design Conference, Skillshare, Creative Market, The Bless Show, The Fowler Hour and Design Hill and many more.

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Got Questions?

Is it worth taking the academy if I'm not a brand designer yet?

Yes! if you are just a beginner, in school, side hustler or work in a full-time job then that's fine. This academy is for designers who want to grow to the next level as long as you are ready to put in the work!

How does the membership work?

Weekly calls are hosted via zoom where we have our group Q&A and trainings. All tools, courses and content are stored online in your personal dashboard. The community is hosted on a secure platform where you can chat, ask questions, share resources and connect to other creatives on the same journey.

Will this help me get clients?

I teach topics with practical exercises that help increase your income, attract clients and get more work. The more you apply the more the more results you can get.

What if I can't make the calls?

You get access to all recordings of the weekly group calls, trainings and guest calls.So you can watch it in your own time. I do my best to host the best times.

Can I cancel anytime?

Yep, If it doesn't suit you then, that's ok. You can cancel your membership anytime but you lose access to all the content.

Make a living from
your design skills.