Need direction right now?

If you're looking for practical advice to move your design business forward, find more clients, grow your perosnal brand or earn passive income then Jeremy is a great fit.

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A personal coach is an valuable investment that helps sow seeds into
your future. I love helping people grow to reach their full potential so coaching is available to help you expand yourself.

I help give you gain clarity on your next steps and push past mental barriers so you can fulfil your dream. As a guide I share my knowledge, tips and resources openly so you can move forward in your design
career, freelance business or your first online product.

If you feel stuck, stagnant or lost a coach can help you see from outside the box. A positive voice with a fresh set of eyes can see ahead and can direct you on the right path to take. I've been in the industry over 6 years  and have strategies to help you along your journey.

“I have all good things to share with you about my experience with Jeremy! His professionalism and dedication in teaching me exactly what I needed to learn on illustrations put me with the correct skills to became a children’s book illustrator! Because of him my dream came true and I am very grateful!“

Nanda Fox


1. Pick a time and date via my calendar that works best for you
2. Payment is connected to calendly (via stripe). Paypal is also available.

Potential questions to ask before booking a session.
Where do you want to be in a year?
What kind of portfolio or freelance business do you want to have built?
What do you want to learn now that will help you earn more money?
What do you want to get out of the call?


  • Private One Hour Video call (Via Zoom)
  • My personal links / resources that can help you move forward
  • Topics can vary from creative design business, graphic design, portfolio, youtube, instagram etc.
  • Honest Transparent Feedback
  • Video Recording of the session
  • Call Recap Summary
  • Homework and Action Steps (as discussed)

Ready for Private Coaching?

$149USD - One hour Session

3 one hour package $312 (30% Off)