The start of 2017 has been full of the beach, designing and getting ready for the year ahead. Start this year with clear goals, and work towards your future. If you have new years resolutions take action on it and don’t procrastinate. Having clear succinct goals to work towards will help step in the right direction.

Personally my goals are bigger and more daring than last year, I want to challenge myself to do more. My vision will continue to grow as I start building my brand and creative outlook.

Goals should be measurable and concise, allowing you to work on each step at a time. Keep them line with of your brand and where you want to be in the next 2, 5 or 10 years. Momentum will help you move faster and attract the success you want to have.

Personal goals in 2017:

  • Write more blog posts
  • Develop a course for designers
  • Create useful products
  • Read more books on design
  • Reach out to designers to do collaborations

These are a few goals I want to achieve this year, I’ll usually write it on a paper and stick it on my wall so I can see it everyday to remind me.


Form a routine that forces your self to get into a flow state. It’s easier to once you start taking action on small things and say yes to your goal. Say yes this week to creating and outlining what you’re going to do.

Write down simple points of your goals you want to achieve this year, and the steps on how to reach that. e.g write one blog post on illustration each week this month on Wednesdays.

Identify 3 things you can do this month of January.

  • Fill up 2 sketch book pages every day this week
  • Create 1 instagram post every 2 days
  • Read a chapter of a Aaron draplins design book

You may have finished college or starting up again, take this chance to be productive and use your time now. 2017 will be different only if you choose to take a step so you become the designer you want to be.


  • Create measurable goals and steps to take
  • Gain momentum this month by doing small tasks
  • Design more each week to improve skills
  • Build towards your brand and vision

Keep it simple, take action and you’ll gain momentum which will set you up for this year.

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