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This helps support my content and allows me to continue to make free content. I only recommend products that I would use. Thank you for your support!

fonts + images

Design Cuts

They have great mockup and graphic template bundles that I love.

Envato Elements

My main subscription for getting images, graphics and templates.

Pixel Surplus

Amazing font bundles on here like
vintage, modern and classic styles.


Great resource for vectors, PSDS, illustrations and even mockups at an affordable price.


Logo Express

A Logo design plugin to quickly export your logo files for your clients
and is supe easy to use.

Astute Graphics

Astute graphics plugins are the best for illustrator it will speed up your workflow to be way better.

Mister Horse

A great plugin for editors that allows you to do great transitions and cut to save time when doing youtube or course videos.

online learning


Skillshare has the best classes to learn design, business and other crafts. It is also very affordable.

Linkedin Learning

Linking Leaning is one of the best places to learn, I use to watch many of these courses in university.


My channel provides you with beginner tutorials on adobe illustrator and photoshop and also the business of design.


Love book reviews then Blinkist is the best to listen to 15minute reviews.


Learning while walking or hitting the gym is easiest with audible books. Audible is my go to app.



Podia is tool used to sell digital products or even courses if you are an online creator.

Gum Road

Gum road is great free tool for selling digital prodcuts online great for beginners.



Webflow is my main tool now for
creating websites it's just way better
than most tools out there.


Notion is the best note taking app right now and I use it to manage all my projects and content.

Accounting Software

It helps me run my business moothly and helps me keep track of my finances. Also has a nice UI / UX.


Backup all your projects and files so you don’t lose it. Dropbox is great and they give you 2gb free data to use.


An email marketing tool for creatives and bloggers to help communicate to your audience.


Always cranking toons on my spotify especially those lo-fi beats.


Spellcheck, punctuation and grammar checks for free, super useful when writing emails or blog posts.


My recording app for all my tutorials,courses and projects.

Adobe Creative Cloud

Illustrator is the primary program that I use to create vector designs. I also use Photoshop when necessary.


Flick is my go to platform for instagram hashtags. It helped me get to over 50k followers.

Book & tool lists

Business Book List

A list of my top graphic design and strategy books that you must read!

Design Book List

This list has some of my favourite business and entreprenuer type books that have helped my business.

Physical Graphic Tools

Here are materials, notebooks, pencils that I use for everyday design.

Free Vector Illustration Email Course

If you’ve been trying to create great vector artwork recently, I can send you my personal tips!

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