My Top Design Resources + tools

A curated list of my top tools that I use to run my design business.

Bundles + Fonts + Mockups

Design Cuts (Design bundles)

They have great mockup and graphic template bundles that I love.

Pixel Surplus (Nice font bundles)

They have an awesome font bundle that you can use for a range of different projects.

Yellow Images (Super high quality Product Mockups)

Great for product mockups you can find also for merchandise.

Illustrator Plugins


Logo Express

Logo design plugin to quickly export your logo files for your clients.

Astute Plugin

Astute graphics plugins are the best for illustrator it will increase your speed in your workflow.

Epidemic Sound

Premier Plugins

Mister Horse

A great plugin for editors that allows you to do great transitions and cut to save time when doing youtube or course videos.

Online Learning


If you’re just starting out Skillshare has got short compact classes to learn design skills and at affordable price.


My channel provides you with beginner tutorials on adobe illustrator and photoshop and also the business of design.

Lynda (Linkendin Learning)

One of the best platforms to learn about design and heaps of other topics. Their courses are professional and have great quality content.

Digital Tools

Creative Cloud

Illustrator is the primary program that I use to create vector designs. I also use Photoshop when necessary.

Divi Theme + Word Press

WordPress with the divi theme is for no-code building your own website or portfolio.


Backup all your projects and files so you don’t lose it. Dropbox is great and they give you 2gb free data to use.


My go-to platform to listen to for lo-fi beats.


An email marketing tool for creatives and bloggers to help communicate to your audience.


A great communication tool when working in teams, projects and connecting with other designers.


This does spellcheck, punctuation and grammar checks for free, super useful when writing emails and sending messages.


A note taking app good for project management and writing down lists or tasks. Notion is a free app and good to plan content.


Best PC recording app for recording tutorials or my creation process.

Instant Logo Search

Has all the big brand logos to download if you need to use it for a project.

Small Pdf

Great app for converting pdf files from Microsoft office and other software.


Free time tracking for timing your projects and hours



Simple accounting for freelancers and sole traders.

Hello Bonsai

Another accounting software for freelancers, you can do Invoicing, managing finances and send proposals.


Send proposals, invoice, get paid and manage your time and tasks a good free option.


Rhodia A5/A4 Dot grid

I love using the dot grid journal, the paper has a dot grid which is good for doing logo sketches.

Staedtlar Mechanical Pencil

The staedtlar lasts longer than your average lead and you can sharpen to get a nice pointy tip. Has a decent grip which is comfortable.

Copic Multi Liner

Great for inking my design after I’ve sketched out concepts. Precision tip is good for creating dark thick lines.

Color Palettes

Adobe Color

An extensive list of colours palettes and I sync them with my adobe cloud.


Great for generating color palettes they even have an add-on for adobe.

Color Leap

Great for getting retro palettes and vintage colors from the past.

Get my Logo and texture Freebies

Essential Design + Branding Books

Designing Brand Indentiy - Alina Wheeler

Logo Design Love - David Airey

Logo Modernism - Multiple Authors

How To - Michael Bierut

Pretty Much Everything - Aaron James Draplin

Thinking With Type - Ellen Lupton

Identity Designed - David Airey

Book of Ideas - Radim Malinic

Creative Design Podcasts


Sean Mcabe

Obsessed with Design

Josh Miles

Creative Pep Talk

Andy J Miller

Logo Geek

Ian paget

The Futur

Chris Doh


Brian Clark

Adventures in Design

Mark Brickey

Obsessed With Design

Debbie Millman

Creative Pep Talk

Wes Mcdowell

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