Waking up to that first sale is the best feeling you can have. Creating your first product that helps people as well as makes you money is rewarding. It builds your authority, personal brand and gives you a solid passive income stream. Everyone should build products, you don’t need 1000 followers or even money to start.

You just need a valuable idea that is useful to your audience and makes their life easier. It’s been an interesting few months launching my shop on creative market , but has been worth the extra effort.

Take Action

Many people get held up at the idea of selling a product online, they think it doesn’t work or seems dodgy. Thinking about it too much gets you nowhere, just take action and see the results. I kept procrastinating until I purchased a course called passive income for designers.

I invested a small amount of money to gain the knowledge to design great products. I learned marketing strategies that ensured I would make minimal mistakes. It expanded my knowledge and increased the chances of making my first sale. Having support from people who are experienced has helped me achieve higher results than I expected.

Put In Extra Time

Taking action is the hardest part but once you’ve started all you have to do is finish. Every week be consistent with working on your product, step by step and don’t be lazy. Put in time each week to update the core parts of the product and update it so you don’t fall behind. Avoid rushing your product, put in the time and effort on weekends or whenever you can. The more time and research you put into your product you will have higher results.

Never assume the worst, if you do your homework right and give heaps of value into your product people will buy. Once you create your first product, creating more gets easier because you know the steps to make it work. It’s a great way to build you design business and your personal brand.

Find white space

When looking at online marketplaces like creative market, you need to find white space. Look for products that can be improved or gaps that are missing within categories. See how you can improve on ones that did well, recreate it in your own style and put extra value in it. There is always room for your idea to be unique and to provide even more value to the design community.

Read discussions, forums and comments on past products that sold well or did not so well. Always look at what the community is saying, find a need and solve the problem by creating a useful product for them. Doing your research helps you see recurring issues and will be a good opportunity to produce something better.

Validate Product

Validation is essential because you don’t want to create a product that won’t sell. Do your homework, see what’s currently working and what has worked. Adapt ideas that are profitable but add your own flavour to it. Keep in mind that the product should benefit your audience and help build your personal brand.

Researching the market and pay attention to what’s trending but be aware of your brand. Don’t just create products because you feel like it, provide value to the people you’re trying to reach. Why are some store’s successful, what is the best platform to best serve my audience.

Ask questions and get feedback from the community before investing all your time into it. There is nothing wrong with using things people have done and developing it into a better product.

Give Away Samples

One way to test if the validity of a product is to give away a free sample. Send it to a free design resource site and blogs to see if it gets downloads. Track the progress of these downloads to see if it’s worth creating. This is the best way to test and check if your product has interest. Another way to find interest is ask for feedback from your audience before releasing it. Start generating an email list and use it to ask for feedback, provide value first and people will genuinely want to help you. There will always be something wrong with the product even if it’s small, eliminate every possible frustration that people might have with your product when they buy.

It’s daunting launching it out into the world, will people buy? Is it good enough?. If you’ve put in the effort and done your research it will pay off. Making even one sale is a great achievement, 90% of people will never create a digital product in their life.


Sales After 3 Weeks

Create Amazing Previews

Getting noticed is a challenge especially when the marketplace is crowded. The key is to create amazing preview images that people will click on. You literally have 5 seconds of attention before someone clicks away or scrollls down the page, make sure your cover stands out. On creative market it’s so important that you do it right, pack all the benefits of the product into one cover. Think about the Hierarchy, balance and typography before designing the cover. It also doesn’t hurt to look at other covers in the product categories and see what appeals to the community.

Create amazing preview images, include videos and show that the product is well designed then you will get featured. Getting featured or handpicked on the front page or even placed in the weekly newsletter is so beneficial to you. It increases traffic to your product which will allow you to get more sales. Putting in that extra effort to do it right will pay off in the end.

Honest Promotion

People say you need a big audience to make sales but you don’t. Even if you have 50 people following you that is 50 potential customers you can impact. After launching, blasting social media around 2 weeks before is a good start. Never spam social too much and be honest with your audience, be confident in your product if you know it’s useful.

Design promotional pieces for your instagram, twitter, facebook and dribble. Make sure that the design, illustration of preview of the product is in context and relates to the product. Highlight the benefits of the product, maybe it saves designers time, emphasise on that. Have your posts ready for the week so you don’t stress out, don’t be scared to post it into the world if you believe in it.

Focus on having both video and written version of your promotional pieces. Creating a quick youtube video to show the product in action is an efficient way to gain traction. People want to see how it can be used, How will it benefit their creative business. After launch it becomes all about consistency, there is nothing wrong with reposting links or having promotions down the line. Over time your audience grows and you should aim to release one product a month this will ensure your shop is successful. Always give value to your audience, reward loyalty and build trust with your community.

Key Takeaways

  • Take action anyone can make a product
  • See what is working, validate your product
  • Find white space in the marketplace
  • Solve a problem to a need
  • Promote and build awareness to your audience

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