7 years is a long time, I’ve worked in that place since I was 15. I was eager to spread my wings and fly out of there. I knew it was a temporary job. I knew there were a plan and purpose waiting for me.

The fear of the unknown is a scary thought. Not knowing what’s on the other side. How will it work out, what will happen? I gave up my job to pursue my passion. I hesitated but eventually gained the courage and made a choice. It was my time to go, something was urging me to step out. There is always greater things to come. Never let fear and circumstance rule your decisions.


Success is outside of your comfort zone.


If you don’t step out you will always stay stagnant and never develop into the greatest version of yourself. Believe that the universe is conspiring in your favor. I remember having that sense of joy and peace. I gave in my resignation to the manager and couldn’t stop smiling. Fear will try and talk you out of it. You have to suppress those negative thoughts and only think forward. Think of the next step, what is the next point of action. Quitting allowed me to focus. It gave me energy and time to build my brand. It placed my mind into a certain frame. I found solutions to every problem I was facing. I applied for a new role prior to leaving, I got

Quitting allowed me to focus and put all my energy into building my empire. It placed my mind into a certain frame where I found solutions to every problem. Ideas started flowing and new ways of generating income appeared. I reached out to people and freelance work would just come out of nowhere.

I applied for a new role prior to leaving the old job. It was crazy because I got a response a month later. A whole month, I actually forgot I even applied for it. Those 2 weeks after I quit I kept believing and they did respond. I got the job and was so happy. I learned that faith, taking action and having patience is the key to reaching new levels.


Faith > Action > Patience


Applying these simple principles will guarantee new opportunities. Faith without action is dead. Visualize the picture in your mind of that thing that you want. Believe you have it and take the action that brings it into reality.

Working for yourself is fulfilling and rewarding. I’m in charge and I get to work on the projects I want to. The benefits have been awesome. I get to work from home in my pajamas, earn a higher income and be more productive. There is always something better for you, god wants you happy. Take the leap and you will see greatness.


Key takeaways:

  • Faith > Action > Patience
  • Success is outside your comfort zone
  • Focus on the next step
  • Pursue your passion


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