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Learn how to use Adobe Illustrator to create illustrations, patterns, logos, brushes + more.

Brand Identity for Beginners

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Learn to design bold visual identites with real client case studies from Jeremy.

Photoshop masterclass

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Learn how to leverage Photoshop tools for photo manipulation and premium mockups.

Craft a great Design portfoio

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Learn how to craft a great graphic design portfolio that lands you jobs in the industry.

Ai magic: Midjourney, Chatgpt

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Learn how to use AI to your advantage with smart promp crafting and generation.

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More than 80,000+ students have been learning from my courses

Stepping into the design world was exciting, yet challenging due to my limited knowledge and skills. Jeremy's course on logo and brand identity was a turning point—it was incredibly helpful.

The course exposed me to knowledge I lacked when I first started. I'm truly grateful to Jeremy for dedicating time to share his expertise. It means a lot. Thank you.

Dumisani Macdonald

This is the best course I've ever had! In just 10 minutes I got so much knowledge I could have never got on the internet like that.

The course material, the quality, and everything were just great. No matter what level of skills you have, if you have got interest in brand identity then it’s the go-to option.

Shreyansh Kushwaha

I would highly recommend Jeremy's course whether you've been thinking of creating your first portfolio site or updating an existing one. Jeremy's teaching style makes it easy to follow along, and he shares real-life examples in addition to his approach for inspiration and ideas. You won't find that in many courses, and for me that's what sets this course apart from others.

Ignacio Garcia

This class provides really great examples on designing various types of logos.

I really enjoyed watching Jeremy's process and seeing how he transformed his sketches / ideas into beautiful logos!

April Dudley

This class is really cool! Jeremy is sharing lots of tips and tricks and showing practical examples too. Ilove that he clearly explains the different elements of creating a great mockup.

I understand now thatit's all in the details and it's actually not as hard as I thought. Someone just has to show you how todo it, and that is exactly what Jeremy did in this class. Thanks so much!!

Mariko Barra

As a graphic designer myself, brand design was not included in my uni-degreeand I was really disappointed about it.

Thanks to you, now I have my very first knowledges about brand design! It was really helpfuland I just finished your 20 videos. Thanks again! You did a great job.

Ha Nguyen

Meet Jeremy

Hey, I'm Jeremy Mura, an award-winning logo designer and creator from Sydney, Australia. Over the past decade I've worked with renowned brands like Disneyland Paris, Adobe and University of Technology Sydney. A turning point came in 2019 when I reached a plateau.

Recognizing the need for change, I made a bold decision to leave my corporate design job and embarked on a journey to take control of my destiny.

Now I run a one-person 6 figure business that teaches designers how to create powerful brands and monetize their passion building a personal brand.

On YouTube, I've gained 5 million+ views with 600+ videos, and I've taught over 80,000 students on Skillshare. When I'm not working on my business, I'm a dad, husband, weightlifter and servant of christ.

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