I teach brand designers
how to run a profitable
freelance business

Launch your design business with practical
strategies that get you clients.

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Here are the key things that Jeremy can help you with, Logo and brand identity being the focus.


- Discovery and Research
- Competitor Analysis
- Brand Positioning
- Brand Values and goals

Brand Identity

- Logo Design
- Brand Identity
- Brand Style Guides
- Iconography & Illustration

Digital Content

- Instagram Carousel Design
- Youtube Channel Design
- Social Media Design
- Presentation Design

Jeremy smiling at the camera

Passionate brand designer from Sydney, Australia

Jeremy is obsessed with reshaping brands and people through visuals identities. Over the last 8 years I’ve helped startups and small businesses launch their brand into the world. I also have a passion for teaching others what I’ve learned on my journey through educational content on Youtube and Instagram.

Learn brand design

Are you a junior graphic designer who wants freedom to work with the clients you want and
learn practical freelance tactics to run a susatainable business?

Design Courses

I teach everything to do with graphic designer, freelancing and brand identity design. Over 50,000+ students on Skillshare have gone through my courses.

Mura Academy

A tight-knit community of brand identity designers and freelancers willing to grow their business and challenge the design skills every month.

Youtube Tutorials

I share quick design tutorials to over 35k+ subscribers every week aswell as my brand design journey.

Instagram Content

Everyday I help designers by sharing creative and mindset tips to my 100k+ audience to help them 10x their career.




Build a powerful brand
with bold design.

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