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Thriving as a designer can be tough. I help you accelerate your business with limited
60 minute coaching that brings you clarity, inspiration, and strategies to shift your design career.

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Get more high-paying clients
with practical methods

Pricing your

Be confident in your pricing
when sending quotes


Get ideas on how to generate
content that gets leads

Working with

Your process is everything I share
a creative process that works

Portfolio and
career advice

Get direct feedback on what
you need to improve.


Learn how to freelance
and make it sustainable.

Who is this for?

1 - Can you dedicate serious time and energy to your design skills.
2 - Aim to build a successful, recognized design business.
3 - Believe their creative work deserves wider acclaim.
4 - Are ready to invest in expert-led, strategic growth.
5 - Seek to refine their design and creative thinking skills.

How it works?

1 - Select your time to secure your spot.
2 - Fill in our pre-session qustions for a session that hits the mark.
3 - Receive your session link 24 hours ahead.
4 - Have an insightful call.
5 - Apply the advice to transform your design business.


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Get clarity and guidance
from Jeremy

1:1 Video coaching With Jeremy

For designers, juniors, freelancers.‍
An hour one-to-one Video session with Jeremy
Portfolio and Career Advice
Freelance Business Strategies
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Meet your Mentor

Hey, I'm Jeremy Mura, an award-winning logo designer and creator from Sydney, Australia. Over the past decade I've worked with renowned brands like Disneyland Paris, Adobe and University of Technology Sydney. A turning point came in 2019 when I reached a plateau.

Recognizing the need for change, I made a bold decision to leave my corporate design job and embarked on a journey to take control of my destiny.

Now I run a one-person 6 figure business that teaches designers how to create powerful brands and monetize their passion building a personal brand.

On YouTube, I've gained 5 million+ views with 600+ videos, and I've taught over 80,000 students on Skillshare. When I'm not working on my business, I'm a dad, husband, weightlifter and servant of christ.

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