Jeremy Mura

Captain and Founder at Mura Design Co, Jeremy Mura has been working in graphic design since 2012. Jeremy is an expert in branding identity and content creation in the online space with a deep knowledge in logo design and visual identity.

Growing up with a creative mum and tech savvy dad I was introduced to the world of gaming, movies and music early on. I thought I was destined to be a world class DJ but soon realised mixing music late night in clubs was not my thing, beautiful design was the way to go. This led me to getting my first proper freelance client in 2014 and dived head first into the online freelance world. Soon after finishing my studies at the end of 2015 I launched my first video on Youtube, design kit on Creative Market and a class on Skillshare.

Since then I’ve freelanced on projects for big brands like Macquarie University, Telstra and American Express. I’ve had the privilege to work with small businesses globally creating logos and visual identities.

Right now I have the privelage of running my design business full-time where I help beginner designers start their own businsess and work with clients. I also get to educate and teach through my products, courses and podcasts – you may recognise some of them:

Awards and features

My Promise


Give 10x value


Lead with generosity


Open Transparency


Challenge yourself


Learn as you go


Positivity and joy always


Enjoy the process


Talks and Keynotes

I deliver engaging keynotes and talks between 30 minutes and an hour long on a variety of topics, including: Branding, Visual Identity Design, creative mindset, Passive Income and Building an Audience.

Podcasts and Online Shows

I'm available to contribute on podcasts and conferences. Having over 8 years in the design field I give tactial advice and strategies to help graphic designers level up. Typical topics include: Passive Income, Finding Clients, Brand Identity, Branding and Positioning.