Hey I'm Jeremy

I've been a brand identity designer and content creator from Sydney, Australia. I've been in the design industry for over 7 years now working for both small and big brands worldwide. In that time he has also helped hundreds of people upgrade their design career from logo designers, illustrators, brand designers, web designers and many more.

I’ve become known for my transparent, helpful and positive personality as well as creating practical content and courses
that help launch beginners into the creative industry.

If you've just started on your journey or thinking about learning brand identity design then my strategies will give you that kick to help you launch into your own design career or freelance business. I'm here to help you realise your full potential!

I've generated over 1.7M+ Views on Youtube with over 281 videos recorded, have taught over 40k+ Students on Skillshare and have a following of 63k+ on Instagram.

Jeremy has been featured on LogoLounge Book 12, FrontRow Design Conference, Creative Market, The Bless Show, The Fowler Hour and The No Formula Podcast.

I help graphic designers,
freelancers and students increase their revenue and transition to a
full-time biz.

I create courses, content and templates for designers like you who want to make a living from their craft.

I've helped freelancers:

Earn Money from Products

Attract Higher Paying Clients

Create Better Content

Start A Youtube Channel


Talks and Keynotes

I deliver engaging keynotes and talks between 30 minutes and an hour long on a variety of topics, including: Creator Mindset, Design Entreprenuership and Passive Income Streams, Building an Audience.

Podcasts and Online Shows

I'm available to contribute on podcasts, conferences and virtual shows. Having over 6 years in the deesign field I give tactial advice and strategies to help designers apply in their lives. Typical topics include: Passive Income, Finding Client Clients, Brand Identity Advice, Branding and Positioning.

Let's Go

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